If you're not sure how to make EA Sports FC 24 Coins , then you're not alone – it can be challenging to remember each method you can utilize to earn coins. While you can passively earn coins just by casually playing the game, dedicated coin farming in EASFC 24 requires deeper knowledge of the economy.

Completing Objectives

One of the easiest ways to earn FC 24 coins in EA Sports FC is by completing various in-game objectives. Milestone objectives, for instance, can yield significant coin rewards. The Transfer Market Mastery, a prime example, offers players a hefty 1,500 coins for fulfilling its requirements. Additionally, don’t forget to check out Foundations and Seasonal objectives, as they can also provide you with approximately 500 coins each. Completing objectives not only boosts your coin stash but also adds a layer of fun and challenge to your gameplay.

Division Rivals

Less competitive than FUT Champs, but still quite challenging, this is a mode where ranking makes all the difference to the quality of rewards. Play this mode if the sweatiness of FUT Champs is driving your anxiety up.

Selling Players

Of course, selling players is also one of the easiest ways to get coins fast. If you have tradeable players, then you can sell them for a good amount of profit, especially if they are first owned via packs. It is also worth noting that EA charges a 5% transaction fee on every successful trade/transfer, so be sure to set your starting and buy-now price properly. If you don’t sell a player for the first time at a specific price, then you can easily put them up for transfer at a different price. The situation of the transfer market in the game changes constantly, so you will have to be smart with your prices. Some players are essential to completing SBCs, so they can go for a lot more than their average price on the market.

Squad Battles

Just like previous iterations of Ultimate Team, Squad Battles is an excellent method for building your coin balance quickly. You can earn coins for winning and losing matches in addition to battling it out with the most recent Team of the Week (TOTW).

Additionally, you can alter the difficulty in order to earn a higher amount of coins. The higher the difficulty, the more coins you can earn. With EA deciding to shorten the length of Squad Battles matches, they're bound to prove a popular scheme to earn coins fast.

Buying and Selling Bronze Pack Items

The Premium Bronze packs available in the store are also a good source of quick coins in the game. These packs cost only 750 coins, but the content inside can easily be worth more than 1000, especially if there are players needed for SBCs. Additionally, some kits and other consumables are also worth quite a bit of coins. It’s all dependent on luck whether you get good quality Bronze items, but for 750 coins, the risk is definitely worth it.


Trading players can net you large amounts of coins in profit, if you can get a good gauge of supply and demand. Ideally you will wait till the weekend to do any trading as that is when the player base is at its highest count overall.

Buying Bronze and Silver packs

Rather than purchasing Gold or Promo packs with your hard-earned coins, we recommend purchasing cheaper Bronze and Silver packs for a chance to generate some profit.

These packs only cost a few hundred coins and could contain a Silver beast that's worth a few thousand coins on the transfer market.

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